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Ensay was founded in 2021 based on its undivided love for candles.
We have managed to create unique and unique combinations of perfumes that will amaze your senses and will overturn any doubts you may have about scented candles.

Made with love, passion and absolute awareness of our ecological sensitivity, our candles are made from 100% natural soy wax, completely friendly to the environment and man, offering a cleaner and slower burning highlighting the excellent quality fragrance we have added even more without altering its aromatic property, as soy wax in a unique way allows the aroma to “breathe” and emerge in the space as it is and without mixing with other annoying and heavy chemical odors. Our wick is also natural, made of 100% cotton with paper core, without lead or other metals, ensuring in turn a clean and uniform burning of the candle and a stable flame.

Impress your friends by offering an Ensay candle.
Discover the power of nature when combined uniquely and in a simple way. Offer yourself or your friends unique moments of relaxation and calm.